Mysterious Facts About Area 51

The Truth About Aliens?

The conspiracy of Area 51 has boggled the minds of Americans ever since the years of the Cold War when Soviet pictures of the base leaked into hands of American civilians. In any other case, we would all be saying “so what, it’s just an airbase,” but the amazing lore behind Area 51 is that up until the day those graphics appeared our government had denied its existence. Ever since, rumors have given this military ground quite the reputation. Popular rumors suggest that this land is home to alien corpses hidden from civilian eyes, but nothing has ever been confirmed. This gallery will leave out the rumors and educate you on the known facts about this mysterious ground.

alien crash

The Birthplace of Stealth

While we can’t be too sure about all of that alien talk, something we do know is that Area 51 is pretty well documented to be the birthplace of stealth technology. At the time of the Cold War, secrecy was paramount on both the US and Russian sides of the fence, so rather than having to divulge the progress they had made, our government simply denied that the base ever existed. More recent evidence shows that original prototype U-2 spy planes were being tested in this area. This means that stealth technology did come out of 51.

spy plane

Cleaning Up The Mess

In 1980, crews were sent in to Area 51 to remove hazardous waste and vehicle parts. Ever since that operation, there have been reports of several strange coincidences, such as a rise in cancer rates in the surrounding areas. While much is not known about exactly what happened during this cleanup, through several lawsuits made against the government we can gather that workers were asked to dispose of some very toxic substances without protection of any kind. In a popular case, the husband of a woman named Helen Frost battled the government and lost because he was told that anything done inside Area 51 was exempt from legal action.

mountain area

The Crash of the A-12

According to a recent National Geographic documentary, in one instance a plane referred to as the A-12 crashed into civilian territory. Astoundingly, this prototype could hit speeds up to 2,200 miles per hour. This is enough speed to cross the entire United States in a little more than an hour’s time. However, when testing the craft, it suddenly engaged in a free fall motion forcing the vehicle to land in the open Nevada desert. When others ran over to help the pilot of the plane, he told them to take him in the opposite direction of the crash due to the presence of radioactive material. This was of course a cover up to hide the existence of this aircraft, which was quickly cleaned up by the government.


The Truth About UFO Sightings

One of the most common and well-told stories about Area 51 is that the base contains remnants of alien spacecrafts being flight tested for governmental use. Recently compiled data, however, debunks most of those claims.

According to National Geographic “Over half of all UFO reports from the late 1950s through the 1960s were accounted for by manned reconnaissance flights (namely the U-2) over the United States,” which when backed with previously cited U-2 activity, gains even greater credibility. Additionally it is said that “90% of reported UFO sightings could be easily debunked, while the other 10% were ‘a number of incredible reports from credible observers.'” Therefore in almost all cases we can deny the existence of UFOs inside Area 51.

Still there is something to be said about that other 10 percent.

computer model UFO

To the Moon

Another popular myth about Area 51 is that the 1969 lunar landing was staged at the base so that the United States could claim to have beaten the Russians in the race to land on the moon. While there are plenty of credible reports that tell us the moon landing actually occurred as it was reported, there is some evidence that Area 51 was at least partially involved in the operation. According to sources, the facility was used to test various equipment used on the expedition, such as land rovers. Could these crafts have been used to create a ploy to the world? That has yet to be determined.

moon print

Baseball and Tennis in Area 51

Thanks to the wonderful technology of Google Maps, any computer user in the world can now see high resolution images of the Area 51 facilities. While much of the base is left to nondescript buildings, there are a few visible structures that we can recognize. For example, such satellite images reveal both a tennis court and baseball diamondnear a building that is assumed to be a gym of sorts. Such features are most likely meant for recreational purposes for the many employees working there.

baseball area 51

Area 51 Today

While little is known about what is happening at Area 51 today, most reports suggest that this base is still simply a place for the government to test out new aircraft technology. According to sources however, there are anywhere from1,800 to 2,200 employees working on the site as of this year. Such operations with machinery and technology do take a lot of manpower, but that is still a relatively high figure. It has also been cited that in 1995 precautions were taken toincrease security due to civilians peering inside from the tops of nearby mountains. As of 2012, Area 51 remains a 3.972 acre parcel of land shielded from the eyes of the world.

Area 51 planes


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